soul leadership

Soul Leadership Session

What is Soul Leadership?

It’s getting out of your own way so your soul can take the lead.

Its reducing the ego and increasing the spirit. 

Its aligning with the truth of
yourself and letting go of all else.

Its learning to live in flow and trust.

There is a process to get there and I am here to help you with that.

 Each process is different as you are an individual, sister.

 Part of the collective but with your own set of experiences, gifts, learning’s and teachings.

 Come.. Take a walk with me. 


Be guided through an empowering and healing session utilising, NLP, hypnosis, Reiki and Shamanic practices.

This is deep and powerful work. Suitable for those that feel called. 
Identifying and clearing stagnant energies, walking into the shadows and releasing what no longer serves, creating flow, clarity and a feeling of deep rest and nourishment.

Bringing you into alignment with your soul leadership.

Are you ready to look yourself in the eye? Let me be your mirror.

Are you ready to passionately and confidently take the lead in your own life and create the life you came here for?

Then book now.

Foundations Of Soul Work

To be released soon!

Shannon will be running 9 and 6 week courses to support the uncovering of your very own magic!

This is about uncovering YOU and YOUR style of magic in the world and giving you the foundational practices to sit your magic upon.
This is not a “how to’ but a “who to’ as you step by step uncover and power up.

You’ll be trained in the foundations of:

*Creating an altar



*Working with entities



The courses will include a combination of in person training, online seminars and one on one sessions.

Ideal for those wanting to establish the foundations of safe practice and connect to their own personal magic, ancestors and guides.

There are further self development courses in the works. These will be available to those that already have foundational practice in place.

They will be available online and in person.

-Working with Kali Maa

-Meeting the Serpent- LIVE NOW FOR BOOKING

-Holding Circle Space for others

-Energetic business development.

If any of this calls you register your interest and I will include you in the notification email. Due September 2020