Having had the privilege of being trained by Shannon I can truely say that I have never learnt so much about myself and what I can achieve. She not only builds you up, shares her knowledge and pushes you out of your comfort zone, but creates a safe and empowering environment to do so. Being in her presence and watching first hand her mastery is truely magical! You can be in a room with her for 8 hours straight and not only feel like it was 5 minutes, but that also a lifetime has passed and you just know that you will never be the same. If you are ready to make a change in your life, take the next step, better yourself or your business in any way, then Shannon is the woman you need. I could not recommend her enough!
Louise Marie Wilkins
Shannon is amazing, there are very few people who can do what she does. A lot of sales and customer service experts out there are process focused, where as with Shannon you get a people focused approach focusing on authentic rapport. When she teaches, she can not only deliver the goods on a practical, mental level, but can dive you into un-writing your beliefs, emotions, and you may even find yourself connecting with your inner child or a past life. (Just casually). All of this happens effortlessly. There's no woo-woo. It's a bit like breathing. You get it all with Shannon. She is an inspiration to be around and her very presence is uplifting. Her fire always stokes my fire.
Miroslav Petrovic
I have so much gratitude and appreciation for Shannon! From the first session, I knew that I had met someone who sees people. Shannon saw me. Fully. She saw my power and potential. She saw where I was shrinking and avoiding. I knew that working with her would be transformative and I booked a month worth of sessions.
Over the course of our time together, she's consistently called and guided me to rise. Gently, knowingly, and powerfully, Shannon is every kind of magic. She is extremely clairvoyant. When we've done energetic work I've powerfully felt it in my body. She can help you move energy, heal spiritual wounds, and connect with your ancestors and spirit guides. She doesn't mince words. She doesn't beat around the bush. She tells it how it is. With love, and power, and a fierceness that you can't help but want to emulate, by doing the work to find your own equivalent.

Shannon's words stay with me. She's helped me clarify how I see the world. She's helped me take ownership of the things that are mine to say and do. Sometimes she speaks directly to the biggest and bravest parts of myself, saying what I know to be true. Sometimes she speaks to the parts of myself that need to be gently urged to let go of the things that never were true. No matter what I need, she shows up to each session with her whole soul, and gives her all every time. Shannon is someone who will support your becoming. That process isn't always easy or comfortable. It's vulnerable and messy and scary. But on the other side of it, you will know more of who you are. This isn't a quick fix - it's a deep dive and a powerful step forward. Working with Shannon has been a blessing. I'm excited for every person who comes into her space and if you're on the fence I enthusiastically recommend her with a grateful heart!
Anna Pozzato
From the moment we are born we begin to fragment. We learn to hide parts of ourselves. We deem those parts unloveable, untouchable.
We mould and shift and program ourselves to be the most acceptable we can be.. but those parts we hide are still inside us..
The more we hide them, the louder their cry becomes. Until we decide to open what has been locked away we will forever live fragmented. The outer mask, protecting the truth within.
The pain can be great when we welcome those hidden parts back.. but the reward of being authentic and whole is greater than any pain. Heartfelt, holistic coaching digs deep to find the soul truth within.. unearthing purpose, flow and grace.
Shannon Vallance


I began my journey into my own heart a long time ago. At the mercy of trauma and instability early on in my life I developed a mighty low self esteem and spent years chasing the unattainable approval of others.
Never feeling good enough or safe, never feeling whole or complete. I suffered social anxiety, panic attacks, depression and OCD, I felt unsafe, unlovable and unsure most of the time. On the odd occasion I didn’t feel this way, I spent my time in fear of it returning.
It was a pretty miserable place to be.
I grew so tired of living in a state of fear and battle so I began to search for answers to the suffering. Conventional medical help(at the time, it has come a long way since then) proved fruitless as I did not wish to spend my life on mind numbing drugs. That much I knew.
I went on a mission to find alternative answers to the suffering……. and so began my obsession with the human way of being. I was human after all…I wanted to know…Why did we suffer so and what could, if anything be done about it?
It has taken me to some incredible places this insatiable need to know, the discomfort of my own suffering driving me forward, my need to know trumping the fear of the unknown.
I’ve devoured books by the dozen, completed not one…. but two Reiki Masterships. I’ve attended countless silent retreats with spiritual Gurus quietly leading the way, studied NLP, Hypnosis, Shamanism..
.Just hoping and waiting for the answers.
Emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and universally. I was insatiable so I never stopped.. I just kept learning. WHAT’S NEXT..was my mantra.
What I failed to note consciously at the time is that through all this, with each thing I embraced and learned..I embraced myself too. When I fell in love with the Shamanic studies of IXCacao, I fell in love with myself too. When I gained knowledge of NLP and its wonderful capabilities. I gained knowledge of myself too.
Little by little I was healing, I was finding my way home… back to my heart.
My ability to understand the human condition was proving useful in other ares too, that along with my fierce and thorough work ethic, I began to experience success in the world of business. Moving from Sales roles, to Senior Training Roles and all the way to Senior Management.
I found I had developed a kind of leadership that came from the heart. Success was a side effect not a driver. I enjoyed over 20 years of business success. Winning multiple awards along the way.
But I still felt that something was missing. I was working on the surface and felt caged and restricted by the circumstances I found myself in. I felt a bit empty working for others businesses. Not fully aligned with their values.
I wanted to work with my soul and heart and I wanted to use all that I had learned and embraced. Not just parts of it. I wanted to empower people in all areas of their life. Business, self, family..
Throughout the years I had developed absolute substance, depth and grit and was no longer at the mercy of anything. I was empowered. Victim had become victor!
So now what?…Well.. I’ve been there. I’ve lived through multiple traumas, gotten lost, found my way, climbed to the top and crumbled all the way down. I’ve built my own company and fully stepped into my heart. Life and business flows.
Sound good? Well, let me show you how.
Shannon Vallance