Soul Leadership Session


The side effects of this session can be but are not limited to:

-Mental Clarity

-Increased libido

-Feeling fucking awesome

-Balanced emotions

-Increased energy levels

-Renewed vigour

-Heightened Confidence

-Stronger intuition

-Killing it in your Career

-A sense of purpose

-Spiritual growth

-Reduction of anxiety and depression

-Stress Reduction 

-Improved quality of sleep 


-Connection to guides and ancestors

-Being excellent


*Due to the intuitive and personalised nature of a session the length can vary anywhere between 1.5-2.5 hours.

Book your session now. *2 Venues available, Quinns Rocks home clinic and Vivacious away clinic in Applecross. 

Unlock your potential

Single Sessions

Soul Leadership Session $235

Soul Writings $180


Soul Leadership session with Intuitive Writings $350 (Save $65)

This deeply enriching session involves an intuitive writing being completed before your appointment, this writing connects in with your higher self and allows the soul to be heard through all the noise of today’s world of expectations and obligations. Helping you make sense of what has been whilst gaining the wisdom from higher self.

Shannon shares the writings with you at the beginning of your session and these are then yours to keep.

Shamanic practice is widely varied and is highly responsive to the the individual so you will find each session is quite unique. However most of the time these things will happen.

Full body reset. This involves removal of parasitic energies, otherwise known as extractions.  Sound healing using voice, rattle, drum and bowls to call out what no longer serves and realign the chakras  returning the flow of chi to the body. Reiki is used to bring balance and calm to all the bodies. The songs of the ancients come through to be shared as a healing a remembering and connecting you into your ancestry.

This can be quite the experience. We sit with tea and talk through the experience, this can involve NLP and hypnosis to support the letting go of mental blocks and non useful beliefs.

These are very powerful sessions and its important that you have rest time after a session.

Shannon is well known for her ability to hold a strong safe space whilst you journey deep to do the work needed. Your soul is intuitively wise.

If you are looking to let go of what no longer serves you and step into soul leadership.

Book your session now

Foundations Package- Soul Leadership Sessions x4 and 1 soul writing $990 (Save$130)

Ideal for those who want to commit to a full shift. Kick start yourself into gear with this package.

Breaking up with old patterns and becoming soul lead.

Its for those who are tired of repeating and want to be held and supported whilst they do the big work.

Letting go and setting strong foundations down over a period of 4 weeks.

We deep dive into you. Uncovering layer by layer to reveal your soul leadership. 

You’ll have focuses each week to work on and you are guided every step of the way.

You’ll walk away clearer, lighter and with a purposeful foundation to build upon. 

Shamanic Heart Medicine's Womens Retreats

Womens retreats are in development and will be held through Shamanic Heart Medicine, Shannon’s Company she co-owns with fellow Medicine woman Leigh Moir. They will not be soft centres of massage and floaty music. So if that’s what you’re after this is absolutely not for you!

Shannon’s and Leigh’s retreats are designed to move you and get you in touch with the raw and fierce feminine. They are designed for women who wish to become their own Shaman and to lead others to do the same. They are designed to connect you back into your heart fire, to increase your passion and your desire for life. 

These 5 star retreats cater to your every need so all you need do is focus on you. These will be high end and full of beautiful luxuries. 

You will return empowered, refreshed and no doubt with a whole bunch of new fierce sisters.

Interest has already started. So register your interest below now to be in line for the 2021 Retreat.